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Dat Nico Robin.

Dat Nico Robin.

I have never been one to hold back my feelings.

But, recently I got with this amazing woman. And I feel like I am losing her slowly because of distance. Mind you its not too far.. but just far enough to make it to where we can’t see eachother constantly. I finally scored a good catch that I trust, it is rare that I trust a person because most people I have been with have cheated on me. I don’t want to lose her.. but.. I am I can feel it.. Anyway I had to get that out, I hope things work out for the best though.


Been talking to a really sweet lass lately! Awww yeah, Its pretty bitchin :P anywho my life has been work work work. So hopefully I will get a little time off soon :3

I suppose I can give this tumblr thing a try again. 

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